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Better Learning Environment, Secure Schools

Investment in reliable and cost-effective unified communications is vital nowadays. Despite the fact that many schools are still using legacy phone systems, many have already started migrating to IP Telephony thus improving productivity, school safety and cutting costs in the long run.

Epygi’s feature-rich communications solutions offer the tools for maintaining a value-added communications networkand a secure educational environment.


  1. A UNIFIED DIALING PLAN would be very helpful for all, whether it is a small school, university with multiple campuses or a school district with multiple offices. It would provide all offices with a centralized, multi-location dial plan to allow contacts to be dialed from multiple locations in the same unified way.
  2. PHONE BOOK service would allow to dial the desired contact by using the contact’s name from the Local Directory on the phone.
  3. CALL HUNTING or SIMULTANEOUS RING services will allow incoming calls to sequentially or simultaneously ring several extensions so that the first available person can answer the call.


FIND ME FOLLOW ME is a flexible call handling solution which ensures reachability. The school personnel can be anywhere on campus grounds and not worry about missing an important call. The incoming calls would be routed until they reach the destination. It would try several different contact numbers of the same person, such as their local extension, cell phone or home phone.


SURVEILLANCE and SECURITY would be ensured by a set of features and a combination of devices. Epygi’s IP PBXs are compatible and can be easily configured with all modern IP door access controls, video cameras and paging devices.

VIDEO CAMERAS would ensure 24/7 surveillance and save recordings of the school grounds. The authorized user can promptly access any camera any time through a video phone by only dialing the camera’s extension. There won’t be any need for a PC-based application in that case. Should there be any disputes about previous events, recorded and stored video streams can be easily reviewed.

DOOR ACCESS CONTROL would allow better control of school’s visitor access and would prevent unauthorized entry. When the doors are closed, after hours or during classes, visitors would need to use the door access control device, which will then place a call to the handsets or cell phones of designated school personnel who can remotely review and decide whether to grant or reject their entry.

OVERHEAD or GROUP PAGING would make it easier to broadcast emergency messages in different areas simultaneously. In no time a single call can alert all offices, classrooms, teachers and personnel. It can be also accomplished by simply speaking through an IP handset which will then stream the message to the specific paging device.

This is an affordable but nevertheless a very reliable solution. Most schools have a limited budget but high demands for ensuring everybody’s safety, creating reliable, unified communications network and providing quality educational environment. This is THE SOLUTION which will meet your needs.


VIDEO and AUDIO CONFERENCING solutions would be great for long-distance learning programs providing students with interactive learning possibilities. These features would be very useful for the administrative staff as well. The school personnel would be able to communicate with each other more effectively. It would help them expedite the process of planning the school work between teachers and even arrange meetings using video conferencing capabilities across campus or over its multi-location offices. Both private and public conference rooms can be set depending on the situation.

DIAL and ANNOUNCE (D&A) feature would allow calls to be placed to a set of specified numbers and play recorded messages. It would help school personnel to automate the process of mass notification of staff and students of specific situations (medical, weather, hostile).

Pre-configured PANIC BUTTONS can be very useful in case of emergency as it will make some phones to go off hook and calls can be interrupted based on the severity of the message.

EMERGENCY CALLS can generate EMAIL and/or SMS to alert that the calls have been issued from a specific phone extension.

CALL RECORDING can be used to record all types of inbound/outbound calls and store the recordings either locally on the IP PBX memory or on an external server. The recording will start automatically as soon as the call is established.

AUTO ATTENDANT(AA) can be very helpful allowing to have a day/night service with the AA, answering calls at night and a receptionist during the day. One can easily upload and customize the messages for the auto attendant(s) thus creating a multi-level AA for the main number. Additional AAs can be created for dedicated purposes such as an AA for suppliers of services or an AA for maintenance operations.

AUTO DIALER feature would be great for school management to arrange and automate outbound calls to their staff or parents. Auto dialing can be scheduled on a weekly basis to inform parents about appointments, student academic progress, absences and etc.

SCHEDULED ANNOUNCEMENTS and ALARMS would allow to remotely ring the school bell or alert students of special events happening at a fixed time on certain days of the week. All these topped with useful extras, such as CALL DETAIL RECORDS (CDRs), CALLER ID, CALL FORWARDING, VOICEMAIL, ON-HOLD MESSAGES, VOICEMAIL to EMAIL possibilities and more.

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